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And that is NOT what the bible states. To take it that way is to say that it was in existence before it came to be. The Bible merely states that the universe, the "heavens" AND, or 'along WITH' the earth as a planet in space, were there, as the established foundation BEFORE it was prepared for life. THAT is in complete agreement with science as we know it.

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Miss a suzy fake nude
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Meztitaur 03.02.2018
"Yeah... but there's a particular instinct to turn all conversations into
Karisar 10.02.2018
God would have no reason to do such things, yet, God allows mankind to accomplish those things when they are incorporated into the collective benevolent forces that surround us all. God provides the means to accomplish what one imagines, noting one imagine has not already been accomplished by someone, somewhere, physically or metaphysically.
Fenrisho 12.02.2018
Makes no difference. Planets are not alive and breathing.
Nakora 14.02.2018
Chi mii gwech Rebel rose.
Jurisar 15.02.2018
Circumstantial evidence allows you to confirm your biases. It is by no means evidence on it?s own. There is no evidence that suggests God created this. There is only a lack of evidence that proves how we came to be, which you arbitrarily inserted God into it.
Nalar 19.02.2018
Its like having a very wise and strong and caring Father.
Nelabar 27.02.2018
You keep invoking the Koran, while ignoring the fact that Islam is based on both Koran and Sunna. Yes, I know about Islam much more than you, and I can prove it.
Mozil 05.03.2018
You said you couldn't remember a decision that didn't infringe on religion. Gemini asking for an example that *did* infringe on religion.
Nirn 06.03.2018
Therein lay the problem and we will see another round of deleted or missing hard drives. Hard too believe I know. lol
Dabei 09.03.2018
This sum sup Fox News.
Akinok 12.03.2018
About to... ??
Fele 18.03.2018
Life begins and ends when God says so. Not one second sooner or later.
Torr 28.03.2018
Nope. This is not "deflection" from my side but from yours. Because I pointed you to the answer. I have answered your question adequately.
Bar 07.04.2018
If we compare what was happening for the next 200 years in Europe and the Middle East, we find the Ottoman Empire is enjoying a tail end of a civilization with so much each and comfort and any wars safely far away. While Europe was committing cultural and financial suicide and seriously injuring itself, until they finally in exhaustion they simply gave up on trying to conquer each other and save the common church. The medieval church was a church for everyone. We know from records that church attendance actually went down, especially in Protestant areas. There was a social revolution going on, while Islam was growing fat and comfortable within a state that imposed universal peace. And the victims of that European social revolution found refuge in the ISlamic state. Protestants from Hungary and Transylvania and Unitarians from that area fled to the Ottoman Lands. The Jews fled the inquisition in Spainfor Islamic lands and the Dutch revolutionary state. We know they were invited there to provide cheap labor, and the invitation said according to old law, what you do in your home, is your business. So Jews went there and worshiped in their homes and were not persecuted. And Holland, that little bit of swampland took on the Spanish Empire, that under Phillip II included Austria and its lands, several of the Italian states, Spain and Portugal and their overseas empires of Latin America, Southern Africa from Angola around and including the cape to Mozambique, Ceylon, Hormuz, the Philippines, Macao, Taiwan, Gao in India. The first world wide nautical empire. And the Dutch sailed where they wanted and took what they wanted, usually the richest and most sea accessible parts, and soon they accumulated their own empire.
Faedal 15.04.2018
You dismiss historical witlessness arbitrarily because you disagree with them. You are being unreasonable. Books written within 10 years of Christs crucifixion and claiming (And Dying by beheading) that Christ is the messiah.
Vudomi 25.04.2018
No, all you've done is confirmation bias. I'll bet you've never counted the times that these things have failed. Prayer studies have been doing and they always show the same odds as random chance. Same thing with "laying of hands" on the sick, which always shows a placebo effect, which is temporary and never permanent. Nothing is ever actually healed.
Dojind 29.04.2018
LOL, you think Christianity is "from god"?
Moogushakar 06.05.2018
TURDEAU! That?s HILARIOUS! I saw what you did there. You made his name sound like pooh! CLEVER AND ORIGINAL! I wouldn?t be embarrassed if I were you. Not one little bit.
Faujar 14.05.2018
1 Unlike J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, was Joseph Smith a Huckster who didn't admit it?
Tucage 18.05.2018
I didn't specifically ask for your support , everything on this forum is based on opinions , what I said was based upon observations and knowing lots of different people , could I be wrong , well of course I could be .
Daizshura 21.05.2018
Good, because that would be silly.
Najora 22.05.2018
Tall, you say???

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