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Maybe, but Hitler was steeped in that particular mythology: Wagner's Ring and all that stuff.

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Karisar 11.05.2018
You forgot you add an all-caps "TRUTH!" or "FACT!" to your no-comment, single-source, cherry-picked graph.
Doujin 18.05.2018
Did I post this one yet?
Dairan 28.05.2018
game 2 was ok but refs can make some really bad calls under pressure. Same as the players with dumb plays.
Akilkree 06.06.2018
3 hours of work today is enough, right? I can leave now and get paid for the whole 8, right?
Nikorisar 09.06.2018
Where did you find that ale? Local microbrewery?
Samutaur 15.06.2018
Yikes, by brilliant and on point comment, well within forum rules, was deleted without explanation.
Gulmaran 20.06.2018
So, then, Trump settled the fraud lawsuit over Trump U because "he did it, dumbass." Right? And he paid off Daniels because he did it.
Akirr 28.06.2018
What am I even supposed to look up? Court cases that have disgruntled Christians?
Nalmaran 06.07.2018
I seem to remember you saying it was his election to lose, and it looks like he is going to do it. That being said the timing of such a lawsuit seems a bit suspicious to me.
Kagasida 07.07.2018
no hipster pony tail?
Tojakinos 16.07.2018
LOL,aww your mad LOL
Jushakar 17.07.2018
the war in Heaven is in the scriptures , how old or when the earth was created is not in the scriptures , was merely expressing an opinion .
Faesida 23.07.2018
His name was Rob. And yes, he was a train wreck. Shame about the cancer though.
Muzahn 31.07.2018
I don?t speak on behalf of all Catholics, but that fancy lil? book that you quoted does. The Catechism teaches ?this we (Catholics) believe?. But please point out where you see anything about a Preist being able to make the change occur.
Dijar 01.08.2018
No, it hasn't. If it had, we'd already know life can originate on its own. We don't know this.
Zulugal 08.08.2018
Not as I can see. Could you please write it?
Zulkicage 11.08.2018
If you could fully restore your child after they were crucified, would it make watching his torture and pain easy?
Aragore 17.08.2018
Yes, Fred... you are right.
Dishakar 27.08.2018
Then give an answer.
Fenrikus 29.08.2018
So this experiment actually went exactly where I expected. Christians ignore the question 100%.
Douk 02.09.2018
In an empire as diverse and as fragile as Rome was by the 4th century, almost every minority could be considered important and influential. Syrian sun-worshippers were a much smaller minority, yet they were able to put a few emperors on the throne. I do think, though, that Christianity had enough intrinsic advantages over its rivals that its success was the most likely outcome. It had the advantage of momentum, and it could appeal simultaneously to the powerful and to the marginalized.
Mezishura 10.09.2018
I think it means something to the President....I mean he used to own a sports team
Kijin 19.09.2018
Should be at least 15 years to clean up the mess that the Lieberals left behind. Gotta wonder how many shredding machines will be worn out by the morning?
Samukazahn 24.09.2018
Great news! You have just been promoted, admiral obvious!
Mak 03.10.2018
Yes that's because fake assed Cons cut essential services to pay for tax cuts instead of going for the jugular, which is themselves and all their crony, pandering jackals.
Netaur 10.10.2018
No, I've never felt that way at all. I guess it was just something I started because I felt she deserved an explanation after asking why. Pretty much as simple as that.
Akinojas 17.10.2018
I'm pro-GMO for the most part, but still pretty anti-Monsanto. They have a lot of unethical business practices.
Molkis 18.10.2018
I'm glad to know I'm not the only clumsy one.
Faujas 28.10.2018
Thanks, great OP. Your characterization of Christianity is right on target.
Taurisar 05.11.2018
I'm playing your game. Prove what you said is true.

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