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He did say the old rules were in effect. It was the church that later changed that

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Akijas 08.06.2018
your "ball peen hammer??"
Moogujind 15.06.2018
or the ever so popular can you "give me a hand for 30 seconds"?...
Meztitaur 17.06.2018
There are no young women being left out unless you think young women are somehow not smart enough to determine from the context what is meant.
Kagor 23.06.2018
There is only one union that brings forth children, and that is the union that He blessed.
Zololabar 27.06.2018
There was a case in Dallas a few years ago, where a pregnant woman had a brain bleed and was found unconscious by her husband several hours later. She was brain dead. The hospital, however, would not remove her from life support, despite her HUSBAND'S WISHES because she was pregnant. Never mind that the baby was horribly brain damaged from the lack of oxygen and basically being tombed in a dead woman's body that was rapidly deteriorating.
Arasar 02.07.2018
The murder of Hypatia was in 415 AD which was the time of Christian Emperor Theodosius and the Bishops of the church were firmly in control then.
Mirisar 11.07.2018
No one but you claims that should be possible.
Visida 21.07.2018
How many thousands of years of failure are needed before wisdom arrives?
Kejind 22.07.2018
300 years from now, people may look back at what you're saying and say YOU are a monster. You can't compare culture of today and yesterday. Thomas Jefferson took good care of his slaves, much better than many other slave owners. They loved him.
Mikakree 24.07.2018
I hearing you correctly? It came about 9 Billiom years before it came about? That would, for starters, make it 18 Billion - and it just gets older from there.....
Faezahn 29.07.2018
I don't think you have firsthand experience that the earth is a closed system, but you claimed you do so have at it.
Brakree 07.08.2018
it can but that false hope usually leads to the issues
Malagul 11.08.2018
whatever drugs you are on i might cut back a tad
Naran 22.08.2018
But most people aren't uncomfortable addressing these questions. Atheist or otherwise.
Shakasida 27.08.2018
According to the CDC, as of 2014 there were about 186 abortions for every 1000 live births. Most of the abortions (over 96%) were at less than 13 weeks gestation and the rest were typically medical intervention abortions.
Faetilar 04.09.2018
They are, they are there for the cop's protection as much as the criminal. The camera can't lie, so long as the video is seen in it's entirety. A problem comes up when the inquiry to a shooting gets to see the whole video, yet the public gets to see a carefully edited version of the same. In those cases, I want to hold the news outlets responsible for all damages caused by any rioting.
Nikolrajas 07.09.2018
No more of that type of comment around here. Thanks. Respect each other.
Dut 12.09.2018
It's childish that we don't want to sully our historic parliament with the ramblings of an uneducated bigot who can't complete a single thought?
Vonos 18.09.2018
Cost drives me nuts.
Goltigami 28.09.2018
Yeah, because socialism isn't exactly a bad thing overall, especially when not taken to an extreme.
Zushakar 08.10.2018
Love you back!????????
Faukinos 12.10.2018
LOOK UP THE STORY AND EDUCATE YOUR OWN IDIOT ASS! I'm NOT your secretary! While you're looking check out Lynch's threats to make the MYTHIC "Isramalamadingdongphui" ILLEGAL!
Mazurisar 21.10.2018
He is now for you what you have been told and what you want to believe. For the rest of the world, he is irrelevant.
Nadal 23.10.2018
My favourite version, which I just posted before seeing you had done the same. :)
Mezimuro 25.10.2018
Once again I think you?re conflating the most zealot like and fanatical as representing the entirety.

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