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Health promotion for gays and lesbian

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I am an atheist. I didn't chose to be. I just discovered I was. But that has nothing to do with my political views, I am a liberal independent. I believe in government. I also believe in fair distribution of the wealth. I believe in a living wage law. I also believe in a woman's right to chose to bear or not bear children. I don't believe that everyone has the right to own a gun of any type. In other words, I believe in gun control.

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Health promotion for gays and lesbian
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Yor 27.06.2018
Liberals doubling down on stupid, the anthem brings us all together.....why are liberals obsessed with dividing us?
Daibei 02.07.2018
I don't think that is a good definition for agnosticism. An agnostic does not think it's possible to know for a fact whether or not there is a god or gods, by the definition given of that god or those gods. He or she wouldn't give up reason for faith. I mean, if you have evidence why would you need faith? You're just accepting the evidence.
Arashira 10.07.2018
Name it and claim it. And we've been asking forever what is the name of the mechanism that puts a limit on speciation and exactly how does it function? Or what is the mechanism that keeps micro evolution from becoming macro evolution? Go ahead explain it with your magic tree - rib woman - talking snake - flaming swords "science." This mechanism, if it exists then tell us the name of it and exactly how it functions. Hint: Jesus is not the answer even though it's the only one you have.
Vur 20.07.2018
I'm a 4.0 at being snarky.
Voodookinos 24.07.2018
Yes, let?s count. How many people have been killed in the name of a god versus how many have been killed in the name of atheism.
Dor 26.07.2018
Depo did not make me gain any weight but it did help regulate my anemia.
Grodal 29.07.2018
You'll have meant AD, I hope?
Gulkis 02.08.2018
Grand exit versus subtle, silent leave. Thread idea for next week?
Fedal 08.08.2018
And insults dead scientists confined to a wheel chair. A nasty piece of work.
Dairn 15.08.2018
Other white liberals have done the same thing. This man is one example of many.
Gogami 23.08.2018
This is actually a good topic, TFCC. I'm glad you posted it.
Gale 30.08.2018
Atheist murdered over 100 million people in the 20th century.....
Douran 06.09.2018
Lois, the baker isn't "fighting for their rights" -- the baker
Meztizahn 11.09.2018
Remember what happened at AJE. Don't let history repeat itself.
Jukasa 11.09.2018
I gave my first wife a 0.76 carat diamond that was pristine and beautiful. She never thought it was big enough.
Mautaur 14.09.2018
Maybe where you're from they put steak on their donuts but I prefer good ol' chocolate frosted.
Mecage 21.09.2018
Lol, well I don't mind that... it's just that the girl who redid it was really bad at it at that lol. Couldn't dance, subpar voice. And, it's like... did you listen to the song? This is part of what it was criticizing?
Akijora 26.09.2018
Yeah I'm sure the owners were upset at all those stupid kids making them money.
Voodoosho 26.09.2018
Sorry but the Need for a Beginning to something is a Human thing to think... The Numbers within Quantum Physics say Differently.... We may simply be an "Extension OF" a Happenstance
Dijar 01.10.2018
Brock Turner was so oppressed by the court system for having to serve 3 whole months for raping that college girl.
Kem 02.10.2018
my thought, she has already had sex, and the two of them are enjoying a snack and coffee, hopefully to regain energy to have another go at it
Kigacage 11.10.2018
Sir T, yet we must be honest about how some of the *loudest* and most *political* evangelical fundamentalists ARE creating Real Harm -- or working to do so -- in the lives of those who disagree with them.
Shaktiramar 12.10.2018
As obscure verses go, this is high on the list.
Mikacage 16.10.2018
something must be mentally wrong with them, or just had a horrible childhood

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