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Yes a male Jew with the name Jesus existed in first century Palestine, scholars agree. The claim that is doubted is the claim that the New Testament Gospels are an accurate description of his words and deeds. Where is the evidence that the extraordinary claims are possible?

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Maulabar 15.05.2018
That's a Straw-Man argument. God would never say that, and it would never happen.
Dale 20.05.2018
I had a cup of tea and a fruit smoothie this morning.
Zulumi 21.05.2018
Interesting, though there is a lot to interpret there. They are claiming falling fertility rates, but is it because women aren't as fertile or is it because women are CHOOSING to not have as many children. We also have to look at other mitigating factors:
Tesida 23.05.2018
A dropout? lol, more evidence that you know not of what you speak.
Mura 28.05.2018
So his mom or dad passed down his mind to him?
Negore 30.05.2018
You do not choose who or what you desire, you do choose whether or not to act on that desire.
Dor 04.06.2018
Man has "upgraded" most of science. But the actually messed up mostly. Capitalism is a human ideology.
Akinosida 07.06.2018
I don't care whether you are convinced or not. It isn't my job to convince anyone, only to present the evidence and let others make their own determination. My post wasn't all about you.
Minos 17.06.2018
How do you define "nature"?
Tygoran 22.06.2018
That is not a biography. Yikes. It's a fictional drama, like the stories about Socrates who also never existed. Are you still in elementry school or what?
Yozshujin 03.07.2018
Good. Tag away. You're harmful to the future of gay equality and I knew that from the first you went after my post. You represent a vicious and destructive type of gay male who will make it so easy for the homophobic enemies to just.........
Shaktijind 09.07.2018
I'm not shouting names. You continually demonstrate how fucking stupid you are. The problem is you are so arrogant you've convinced yourself other wise like every other moronic bigot.
Yoramar 17.07.2018
I?m not sure of anything anymore..... I?m gonna go lay down- I?ll talk to you later on....okay?
Voshakar 27.07.2018
Rewards and trophies are to be issued for excellence. They aren't supposed to be given out just because someone tries really, really hard. Not everyone is going to be Beyonce', Kobe, or LBJ and should not be rewarded as such if there are Beyonce', Kobe, or LBJ's on the team. I tried really, really hard to be great at statistics and other mathematics -- but I still only averaged a high C or a B if I was lucky. My brain just doesn't work that way -- I don't expect to receive an award in mathematics because I tried really, really hard and the teacher liked that I was always asking questions.
Sakinos 04.08.2018
Its a misnomer that Mormons can't partake of chocolate (or caffiene). However, there is a prohibition on coffee and tea. I enjoy tea now, and have just started drinking coffee occasionally, for the caffeine effects, pre-workout.
Grokinos 06.08.2018
You're not good at being a disciple are you?
Nilkree 16.08.2018
I no longer have a link, that was two computers back I think. I just recall it.
Yorisar 18.08.2018
I think that you probably know this, but Matthew presents Jesus as King, Mark, Jesus as a servant, Luke, Jesus as a man, and John, Jesus as God.
Tygoshura 20.08.2018
Humans can't get oblong on the planet they have and are destroying it. Don't deserve to flaunt their "genius" by destroying
Samuran 26.08.2018
Andrea can save Ontario from the Ford Family and their embarrasment.
Faut 06.09.2018
I don?t know but I agree. People are becoming even more unhinged
Shakataxe 11.09.2018
You have no clue what Free Speech truly is. Here, let me show you.
Malale 13.09.2018
He should seriously be black listed and never be able to work in that industry in any way ever again.This a fvcked up thing to do

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